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We're on Duty you assigned to us

Most record labels and recording artists only worry about releasing records and charting numbers without considering the role of an artist & repertoire. At A&R duty we believe in sharpening the skills, growing the next big thing in the music industry. A&R duty understands that as an entertainer your talent is a giant magnet that draws fans to you. When this is used correctly to create meaningful brand and Artist persona. It creates a net fanbase that keeps you on top.

A&R duty hones in your unique voice and makes sure it is heard. We start each project by building trustful working relationships with our clients and the first step is to fill out this short form. 


How A&R DUTY  Works

A&R DUTY delivers those targeted opportunities right to your front door.
Record labels, Publishers, Music Libraries and Film & TV Music Supervisors tell us what kind of Songs, Instrumental Tracks and Artists they currently need - then we tell you. When you see a match for your music, send it to us, and our A&R team will pre-screen it for the company that needs it.
If your music is on-target and great, we send it to them. Your music becomes solicited because it came from a trusted industry source (that's us!)
You'll lo different opportunities every month and they come in nearly every genre you can think of - Afrobeats, Pop, alternative, Dancehall, Modern Rock, Jazz, Film/TV, New Age, Instrumental, and just about any other style you'd commonly hear on the radio, in movies, TV shows, video games and commercials.
Thousands of independent songwriters, artists and composers have made Record Deals, Publishing Deals, Film & TV Music Licensing Deals and countless Sync Placements using A&R DUTY
Plus, we have a FREE, members-only convention where you'll get to listen to, learn from and mingle with many of the industry’s top decision makers.