Creating an Avenue for a Record Label and Independent Artist to Hire Professional A&R in Nigeria

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A&R DUTY is an independent A&R company with a passion for music. We are creating a community for A&Rs to come together under one umbrella, training and educating them on how to trade in their business space without being ripped off, and also creating an avenue for a record label and independent artist to hire professional A&Rs when the need arises, so as to increase the population of the artist making hit records in Africa.

Brand Mission

To provide the music industry with a new generation of talent scouts, who can provide high-quality, low cost services and change the way A&R works.

Brand Voice

Transparent,Fun, professional, caring, genuine

Value Proposition

A&R DUTY is best place to hire A&R (Artist and Repertoire) book us online,we are dedicated to the worldwide music industry and we help you to find the best A&R team of your choice by connecting you to music industry professionals & get global music industry exposure.


To be the strongest, fastest, and most innovative independent A&R firm in the music business.

Jazz Club

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