Symphonic Becomes First Independent Music Distributor to Offer Advanced Royalty Analytics for TikTok

Symphonic Becomes First Independent Music Distributor to Offer Advanced Royalty Analytics for TikTok

Since we started back in 2006, we’ve always made artists our first priority. This new feature helps artists, managers, and indie labels track measurable success on TikTok, and we’re stoked to be able to offer it before anyone else.

“How people are consuming and interacting with music is evolving at such a rapid pace. As a distributor, it’s critical that we move quickly to get this data into the hands of our clients so they can maximize their reach. Our team is laser focused on delivering value and we’re excited to be the first distributor to offer this level of insight into TikTok data,” says Symphonic VP of Product, Ali Lieberman.

This tool makes it easier for creators to understand the TikTok metrics that really matter and helps maximize the impact of their future TikTok marketing campaigns. Importantly, Symphonic’s proprietary TikTok analytics makes the distinction between views and creations. While view counts get a lot of attention, it is creations that actually drive royalties on the platform.

The new tool delivers comprehensive and easy-to-read metrics on how many videos have been created using an artist’s music as well as how many views, likes, comments and shares the video generated.

Want in on the action?

Navigate to this feature by clicking on Analytics -> TikTok

The landing page provides a catalog-level view of performance across the entire catalog on a given date range that you can change. The page is broken down by the following cards:

Overview Analytics

Activity counts are displayed for Videos and Views. The video count is the metric that generates royalties. Hovering over any bar will show you the detail of a specific day.

Engagement Analytics

Activity counts are displayed for each time the video using your music receives a Favorite, Comment, Share, and Like during the time period selected across your entire catalog.

Artist, Track, and Territory Analytics

Each section shows the top 5 entries sorted by Videos (created) in descending order (e.g., Territory section shows the top 5 countries where videos were created on TikTok using your songs). Click the ‘View All’ button to see more data if available.

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